1. madam-mischief said: Nope I’ve only been to Germany and Switzerland. I wanna go there though, I love europe. And the French airport is terrifying, I got searched there because I couldn’t understand the tsa person ;_; so did the rest of my group!

ITHINK YOU SHOULD GO TO THE NETHERLANDS TO ! yep.  put that on your list of places to go.

ahah I’m glad I can speak french..I was traveling alone..I’m happy I did this.  I;

anyway I’MA go to bed, waking up early for mah honey.also so fucking butttits tired.

bye ~C: muah


madam-mischief said: Ahh how nice! I felt the same my first time traveling to just amazed and slightly scared/confused, especially with bikes. I wish there were more bikes in north america, i feel like we’re missing out

The netherlands was quite small it takes an hour and a half I think to get to the next  city? They usually take trains! the train hopping was fun. My parents really wanted me to see my friend so..money was tight I still did it ^_^;; I just wanted to see linsey damnit—I..sigh~  hah..ha.. also maybe they wanted me to experience traveling as well. I think I’ll be  fine if I ever travel again and  learn to save money better in my savings account. So I hope I get this job I’m applying for. . n. I can try to make that an effort this school yeah. I’ll be so proud of myself if I do.

The air port in France was ridiculously  huge and looked like it’s purpose was to get someone lost! aha I found where I was suppose to be as I was like ” kay lets do this I8 ff im going to get lost *venturing around the massive place*..im gona get lost  lol..oh ..found it.*pause*..wow yolo”.

It’s amazing to look down at the land— and see how  different it looks from others. alot of boats  and windmills in the netherlands- it was amazing. I can’t  discribed what it looked down when I saw  the land from the plane !  uvu.

 i took too many pictures  but they were worth it all.  oh damn wait ,Have you went to The netherlands before? O:~ ahah yes we certainly are! so many fucking bikes. it was fucking great.


some kid slapped together a top-10 anime video in windows movie maker and it just sat around on youtube until arriving at its karmic destiny of upsetting kanye west


some kid slapped together a top-10 anime video in windows movie maker and it just sat around on youtube until arriving at its karmic destiny of upsetting kanye west

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How was your trip to the Netherlands to see your friend? I just remembered I never got to ask

OHH! lovely for you to ask! It was really nice , It was very different as well! I was far away from canada for the first time. I was so nervous as well, Traveling for the first time. I loved the cities like Haarlem…Amsterdam was ..so pretty.

I just thought it was a beautiful country in general. There were a lot of cows and shit ton of bikes that took over the city—some bike was left with a sign “looking for a good home” in Leiden,aha.  There’s more bikes than actual people there in the netherlands. It’s not just a stereotype, this is real shit.  The bike lanes were very pretty -just red colored parts of the road!  I went biking  with my friend Linsey the one who housed me for 3 weeks. I tried to be careful ahah because I fell like once because I got freaked out by a motorbike..aha. Linsey was very helpful on many occasions.

I went to a  dutch anime convention  and met her friends! we got along really well.

me and linsey spent our days in the quietness of her room roleplaying,sometimes we watched anime,eating junk food and talking. I really felt really happy. We’ve known each other for 4 years it was really nice to be in the same room as her and walking next to her. ggeeee > // u //<

we went out also almost every single day. 

I even got to see the sea! I: I live in the middle of Canada I’m use to lakes and rivers.

I really liked it there , I wish to go back..I’ll be better prepared. It was my first time traveling I felt really overwhelmed at the same time glad I did this. It’s a great experience.



 this is the tiana dress Linsey made for the convention~ this one picture the photo shoot we had at a really pretty forest in linsey’s town.


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